How to Improve my Accent as a Call Center Employee?

Achieving excellent level of communication when working at a call center requires a lot of dedication. If you are a person from a non-English speaking country who has mastered English to the point where you can be employed by a call center – congratulations! You scaled a summit, but you also likely know, that learning new words is not enough. You need to keep working on improving your pronunciation.

Thankfully, your job is a perfect place for that. However, in order to avoid falling into a language rut, or cementing the same mistake by repetitive use, there are three simple guidelines you can follow:

Exposure. Learn correct pronunciation by exposing yourself to native speakers and ask them to give you feedback. This can be challenging if you live in country where access to English speakers does not come easy. The SpeakingFit app can help you access a pool of speakers directly from your phone! Make sure that what you practice is as perfect as can be, which brings us to the next point:

Learn, speak, repeat. It goes without saying that repetition is a great teacher, allowing us to progress from effort to effortlessness. As you continue to hone in the language, go deeper with intonation. Intonation is the rhythm, or a melody of pitch. The more you master the intonation, the more you will sound like a native speaker. SpeakingFit’s 3D animations will show you proper tongue placement to help improve your accent quickly. So if you find yourself struggling with a particular phrase, you can look it up in the app in between calls and within minutes return with a much improved speaking ability.

Have fun! If you like English movies and songs, assess your skills by repeating their lines, singing in the car or even testing your courage at a Karaoke bar. Numerous psychology experiments confirm that people learn better and faster when they weave play into their rigorous study. So go ahead, put on the music and enjoy the process!

When a call center employee focuses on improving his or her accent, such individual is taking steps towards mastering their communication and growing their confidence and career potential. Such employees become very valuable to the call center by helping to improve customer satisfaction and decreasing costs associated with repetitions and misunderstandings. In other words, an excellent command of English language is an essential component of not only superb customer service but also one’s own career growth.

Call center employees can try SpeakingFit for free! As an early adopter, you’ll get free access to all the content and an exciting network of native speakers ready to help you improve your accent. Don’t wait! Download it here!