5 study hacks to learn a language when you don’t have time for it

Life keeps us busy. Work, family, school… most of us are constantly on the run, chasing endless to-do lists. What are we to do when we want to learn or improve our language skills and don’t have time for it? Is there a way to squeeze a new language into the frenzy of our daily lives?

Sure thing. Below are five study hacks to help you maximize the time you have in a day by getting creative and using technology to your advantage.

Music. Listening is one of the first things children do before they learn to speak. We must hear something before we can repeat it. Trying to learn new words with a head full of thoughts can be tricky. Thankfully, music helps bypass many barriers and has the power to relax us. When we listen to a track we enjoy that contains lyrics written in the language we are trying to master, we make progress. The more we hear the words, the faster they sink into our memory.

YouTube. These days most people take regular cyber breaks. Be it checking their social media, posting a new picture, reading the news or watching a video. Why not use this time to see a clip in the language you are currently learning? From movie trailers to actual tutorial videos with subtitles, the web is teeming with interesting content. And we can all profit from that.

Post Its. This one might not be as ‘techy’ but it is time tested because it works! When you are trying to expand your vocabulary, simply write the word on a post-it note and paste it to the object. For example, write the word ‘refrigerator’ and affix it to the door of your fridge. Keep the note glued to the object until you memorize it.

Books. You may feel that you are not ready for this, but we challenge you to try it. Find a book that is an easy read and about a subject you enjoy. If possible, look for a paper copy. Have a pencil handy. Each time you come across a word you don’t understand, look it up in your phone dictionary and write the translation above the word in a pencil. Writing new words this way engages your kinesthetic memory and commits the new word to your mental hard drive.

Apps. Back to technology, SpeakingFit is an app that connects you with a network of people all over the world no matter where you are. Besides allowing you to chat with native speakers, the app also gives you access to a plethora of free video lessons. Whether you are taking a walk in nature, or waiting in line at a department store, you can squeeze a few minutes of study. Try it and watch your language improve and your confidence soar.

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