How can I use SpeakingFit Pro for my classes

If you are a teacher of English, or a speech language therapist, you are most likely on a lookout for useful tools and creative practices to engage your students or patients in learning and help them make progress. SpeakingFit Pro comes to you as result of a long time collaboration between world’s prominent pronunciation specialists, speech therapists and sound engineering experts. Our aim was to invent and develop new approaches to English pronunciation and educational content and solutions to help you and your students advance in the classroom and beyond.

There are many tried and true findings we’ve converted into knowledge boards and series of exercises that can assist you. Below is a list of examples of how you can use SpeakingFit Pro in your classes and therapy sessions.
Assistance with pronunciation.
Whether you are an English teacher or a speech language therapist, the tools contained in SpeakingFit Pro will take your coaching skills to the next level. SpeakingFit Pro assists teachers and therapists by serving up exercises and actionable tips on how to improve articulation, so it matches that of a native speaker.

To help your students practice words and even entire expressions, SpeakingFit Pro arms you with a vast library of instructional videos on how vowels and consonants should be properly pronounced. Those tools are equally useful when a therapist endeavors to teach a patient how to better articulate syllables, use breathing and vocal folds to produce a sound and improve on their speaking rhythm.

SpeakingFit Pro features more than 150 instructional videos to show your students how to pronounce specific syllables.



Support material for your classes.
Teaching graduate classes in phonetics and phonology requires extensive knowledge of topics such as stress and intonation patterns. With its list of practical techniques and suggested activities, SpeakingFit Pro offers a plethora of material teachers can use in their classes on the topic of mastering pronunciation. For added convenience, teachers can print tables showing proper tongue placement and lip positioning directly from the website.


Extend beyond the classroom.
But neither learning nor teaching needs to stop once the class is over. The SpeakingFit app allows students to test what they learned in class by choosing from a multitude of available International Phonetic Alphabet quizzes. The teacher as well as the therapist can also proactively use the app to communicate with students and patients outside the class or therapy session. Students have the choice of adding private tutoring sessions to the service and receive personal feedback for an extra fee. By submitting recordings to our network of worldwide language professionals, students receive professional correction guiding them toward language proficiency. While the teachers can acquire invaluable practical experience and earn extra income.

The SpeakingFit Pro app to let your students practice what they’ve learnt in class.


















Download SpeakingFit here and gain access to a volumes of helpful teaching materials and an expanding community of fellow teachers.