How to find more students as a freelance English Teacher

In today’s digital age, it’s becoming popular for people to direct their careers from anywhere in the world. Becoming an online freelance English teacher offers that opportunity, as it allows people the freedom to work from any location while being exposed to a variety of cultures.

However, this kind of the-world-is-your-oyster lifestyle does not come without challenges. Not having a classroom with regular attendees can be stressful. However, for those determined to grow their business while maintaining an unrivalled level of autonomy and adventure, there are certainly solutions:

1. Get Active. Grow your presence online by getting listed on tutor sites, regularly visiting (and commenting on!) language learning forums and listing your service on free classified ad sites. Make sure your social media profiles are spruced up and slanted towards your teaching credentials, as you never know which one of your friends’ friends might be looking for someone like you!

2. Share Freely. Blogging and recording videos, in which you share your knowledge for free, not only encourages people to continue sharing it with others (free marketing!), it will also help you come across as a genuine and generous teacher. The popularity of the content you will thus generate, will in turn spike your search engine popularity, increasing your exposure.

3. Join to Earn. Rather than attending classrooms in person, the boom of digital education has made it easier for students from a variety of locales to join self-paced study programs. Subsequently, online teachers who are agile in the kind of support they offer those students, are in high demand. SpeakingFit is a community of such teachers.

The app offers students tools in which to improve their language skills on the go and is in constant need of teaching talent. By joining the SpeakingFit Pro community, you will gain live exposure to a global student body. You will find more students who need people like you to guide their learning and provide feedback. And the best part is, you will also immediately begin to earn money for your valuable service.

Teachers and phonetics professionals can try SpeakingFit for free! As an early adopter, you’ll get free access to all the content and a new network of students. Don’t wait! Download it here!