Why it is crucial for Pilots and Flight Attendants to improve their accent in English

Not being able to properly pronounce an English phrase, is not the end of the world. In fact, on more than one occasion, funny speak can certainly enliven a classroom. The circumstance gains a different flavor; however, when safety and even human lives are at stake.

While many misunderstandings between pilots and traffic control are indeed amusing, safety concerns tend to nullify a moment of hilarity. It was largely due to misunderstanding of orders and acknowledgements between pilots and the air traffic controllers that caused two 747 Boeings collide on the Canary Islands in 1977, killing 583 people.

To this day, miscommunication issues pose a great danger to the safety of people aboard planes. As commercial flying grew in scope after WWII, English was made the mandatory language of international aviation. While heavily nuanced and not always easy to pronounce, the ordinance has been locked in. Therefore, as more pilots from foreign countries become air commanders, all are faced with honing the mandatory skill.

This is why the International Civil Aviation Organization of the United Nations has been uncompromising with respect to adopting new recommendations to improve English language training of aviation crews. The new expectations go beyond understanding of vocabulary and grammar. To be able to communicate clearly and quickly in English, pilots as well as flight attendants must fine-tune their pronunciation, intonation and speech rhythm to minimize the chance of miscommunication and avoid disasters.

Those few seconds in air are crucial. Consider a first time passenger not understanding the safety instructions presented before takeoff by a flight attendant. While frequent flyers tend to snooze during this portion, a first timer needs to understand what he or she must do in the event of an emergency.

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