Why practice is so important when learning a language

What do Steve Jobs, J.K. Rowling and Michael Jordan have in common? They all know the value of failure. Each one has said time and again that it was thanks to them taking a risk and sidestepping fear that allowed them to learn from their failures and eventually succeed.

We follow the same process while learning a new language. Unfortunately, we live in a society that celebrates success rather than glorifying the epic journeys of trials and tribulations that take us to the summit. But that doesn’t have to be a belief system you subscribe to.

Learning a language takes lot of practice. Practice carries with it the risk of failure, especially in the early months when your skills are still developing. The key is to not let this hold you back. Sure, you may say something entirely different from what you originally intended. But what you gain is invaluable.

Boldness. You know how some teachers say to their students that there are no bad questions? They say that because indeed when we speak up, either in a classroom or in a conversation conducted in a new language, we make headway faster. Trying something new makes you enter a new territory that propels you to where you need to go next. Without that bold step, your progress will be much slower. With this step, it gets easier next time around.

Experience. Taking risks leads to the acquisition of applied knowledge. Experiences, such as asking a stranger on the street for directions in a foreign language, penetrate our bones. Making it a habit to engage in conversations with natives in a social setting forges stronger memory pathways. Experience always deepens understanding.

Growth. Your ability to speak another language will grow as a result of your boldness and on-going experiences. It all comes down to repeated practice and taking risks in conversation by stepping outside your comfort zone. By pushing yourself just a little farther each time, your growth finds expression.

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The world belongs to those who dare. Be one of the brave ones who doesn’t let the fear of failing stop them. Or as J.K. Rowling eloquently put it, “It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all, in which case you have failed by default.” So take risks and happy learning!