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How can I use SpeakingFit Pro for my classes

If you are a teacher of English, or a speech language therapist, you are most likely on a lookout for useful tools and creative practices to engage your students or patients in learning and help them make progress. SpeakingFit Pro comes to you as result of a long time collaboration between world’s prominent pronunciation specialists, […]

How to find more students as a freelance English Teacher

In today’s digital age, it’s becoming popular for people to direct their careers from anywhere in the world. Becoming an online freelance English teacher offers that opportunity, as it allows people the freedom to work from any location while being exposed to a variety of cultures. However, this kind of the-world-is-your-oyster lifestyle does not come […]

How to get started as an online teacher of English

In an earlier post [link], we discussed what English teachers can do to find more students. In this post, we wish to explore what steps a freshly minted teacher can take to get their online career off the ground. One of the key aspects of building a successful online career, is organization (administration) and time […]

Why it is crucial for Pilots and Flight Attendants to improve their accent in English

Not being able to properly pronounce an English phrase, is not the end of the world. In fact, on more than one occasion, funny speak can certainly enliven a classroom. The circumstance gains a different flavor; however, when safety and even human lives are at stake. While many misunderstandings between pilots and traffic control are […]

Terms of Use

TERMS OF SERVICE 1. BINDING AGREEMENT These terms (“Terms”) govern your use of Becos Inc.’s (“Becos”) language and accent tutoring service, including the ClearSpeech service (our “Service”). Our Service consists of websites (“Web Apps”) and downloadable mobile applications (“Mobile Apps”, together with Web Apps, “Becos Apps”). By using our Service you agree to these terms. [...]

Privacy Policy

Becos Inc. (“Becos”) respects the privacy rights of its users and protects the personal information collected, stored and used in connection with our service (our "Service"). To further this commitment, we have adopted this Privacy Policy ("Privacy Policy") to guide how we collect, store, and use the information you provide us. By accessing our Service, [...]

How to Improve my Accent as a Call Center Employee?

Achieving excellent level of communication when working at a call center requires a lot of dedication. If you are a person from a non-English speaking country who has mastered English to the point where you can be employed by a call center – congratulations! You scaled a summit, but you also likely know, that learning […]