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Terms of Use

TERMS OF SERVICE 1. BINDING AGREEMENT These terms (“Terms”) govern your use of Becos Inc.’s (“Becos”) language and accent tutoring service, including the ClearSpeech service (our “Service”). Our Service consists of websites (“Web Apps”) and downloadable mobile applications (“Mobile Apps”, together with Web Apps, “Becos Apps”). By using our Service you agree to these terms. [...]

Privacy Policy

Becos Inc. (“Becos”) respects the privacy rights of its users and protects the personal information collected, stored and used in connection with our service (our "Service"). To further this commitment, we have adopted this Privacy Policy ("Privacy Policy") to guide how we collect, store, and use the information you provide us. By accessing our Service, [...]

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WHAT'S NEW jQuery(document).ready(function($){var config = {feeds: {twitter: {url: "",id: "speakingfit",intro: "Tweeted",search: "Tweeted",images: "small",thumb: true,retweets: false,replies: false,out: "intro,text,share"},facebook: {url: "",id: "311434562533220",intro: "Posted",comments: 0,image_width: 5,feed: "feed",out: "intro,thumb,title,text,user,share"},instagram: {id: "!4004956702",intro: "Posted",search: "",out: "intro,thumb,text,user,share",accessToken: "4004956702.1677ed0.220a3165bb2948f5816c0cd4f48844f1",redirectUrl: "",clientId: ""}},remove:"",max: "limit",days: 20,limit: 20,order: "random",speed: 600,height: 800,rotate: {delay: 6000, direction: "up"},container: "dcwss",cstream: "stream",content: "dcwss-content",imagePath: "",iconPath: ""};if(!jQuery().dcSocialStream) { $.getScript("", function(){$("#social-stream-535").dcSocialStream(config);}); } else {$("#social-stream-535.dc-feed").dcSocialStream(config);}});

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THE TEACHING TOOL OF DEDICATED PROS Connect with Students Worldwide Enhance Your Expertise in Classes or Clinics Acquire Experience While Earning Money WATCH VIDEO DISCOVER SPEAKINGFITA Connected Platform That Connects You With Learners Looking to Improve Their Speech Worldwide An Expansive Library To Enhance Both Teaching and Learning Experiences with Leading-Edge Contents Connected Provide professional [...]

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PERSONAL SPEAKING COACH IN YOUR HAND Connect with Native & Language Pros Check Your Pronunciation in Real-Time Improve Your Speech and Confidence WATCH VIDEO DISCOVER SPEAKINGFITA Connected Platform That Connects You With Native English Pros & Other English Learners To Guide Your Practice An Advanced Speech Analysis Engine That Helps You Record Your Voice & [...]